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The Heavy Hauling Experts

Available Freight

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Our Partners


  • Transport Investments Inc.
  • American Transport Inc.
  • American Wind Transport Group
  • Athena Freight Lines
  • Marathon Transport
  • TII Logistics Inc.
  • In Transit Inc.
  • Fleet Solutions
  • Greentree Transportation

Flatbeds & Specialized Equipment


  • Flatbed - 48' or 53' with slide rear axle
  • Expandable Flatbed 48' or 53'
  • Step Deck 48' or 53'. 2 axle spread
  • Expandable Step Deck. 3 axle
  • Double Drop Deck 2 or 3 axle
  • RGN Expandable Double Drop 2 axle

Over Dimensions Cargo



We haul over Dimensional (O-D) freight, our network of over 100 terminals and 270 fleets allows our staff professionals to specialize in flatbed equipment and transport across the U.S.  Greentree primarily transports large crawler cranes, building products, heavy machinery, skidded equipment, fabricating pressure vessels and other super loads. Licensed by the Federal Highway Administration as a common contract carrier and property broker for more than 30 years Greentree Transportation has provided flatbeds and specialized equipment to move our client's wide loads and over dimensional cargo across the country.


Greentree Transportation Company

(Heavy Hauling & Over Dimensional Freight)


Greentree Transportation was originally formed in October 1981 as a contract carrier for L.B. Foster Company, a steel fabricator located in Greentree, Pennsylvania.  Greentree is licensed by the Federal Highway Administration as a common and contract carrier and property broker.

It has authority to transport general commodities within the United States of America and Canada.


The company was acquired by Transport Investments, Inc. on November 30, 1988. Greetree is known in the industry as one of the premier companies specializing in the transportation of heavy and over-dimensional commodities.  The management team at Greentree view as its mission: expand and promote Greentree's reputation to be the specialized carrier of choice for our customers.


Greentree transports fabricated vessels, compressors, coolers for gas industry, crawler cranes, oil and gas machinery, specialized machinery, over dimensional crates and break bulk created machinery through the use of flatbed and specialized equipment.